Partners.  Photo: Amy Bown

Partners.  Photo: Amy Bown

Kodak Business Imaging Systems

The concept for this Wired print campaign was "information nightmares"--the fears IT managers face. I used two common dreams--being back in school at "Our Lady of Perpetual Re-Engineering" with your CEO, a scary nun. And being chased by  the monstrous "IT"--a rabid dog about to devour you. 

Pitney Bowes

Pitney Bowes Sales & Marketing News

As a regular writer for this Fortune 500 company, I wrote the Sales and Marketing News, an internal sales newsletter where I interviewed PB employees from all over the country. I also wrote marketing materials on process improvement, biohazard security, mobile e-commerce, legal document processing, trucking industry scheduling, and enterprise-wide document systems.  

EPI Digital Printing

A boutique printer targeting art directors and ad agency creatives. 

Postcard 2

We didn't think so. 

Runaway gangs.  Layout creeps.  Orphans, dingbats, type that goes rogue. We know that sometimes in the transition from file to press, annoying glitches can get in the way. Let us "disappear" them for you. We're picky. We like doing the dirty work. And we'll go to any extreme to make sure that our printing matches your vision. 

Agency3 Communications

A Mardi Gras-themed promotional mailing which came with a voodoo doll and some snark. 


To get good marketing juju, you could tie a chicken sandwich to your head, spin around 14 times singing "I Will Survive" backwards, take a dozen Little Debbie snack cakes and feed them to the python that's wrapped around your neck (oh, didn't we mention the python?) then bury the wrappers in a graveyard. At midnight. During a full moon. With your new best friend Jeff, who may or may not be a ZOMBIE. 

Or,  you could just call us.

Agency3 Communications. Marketing Magic (without the snake). 



Akai Professional

This is a concept board, but I include it to show how technology can be made heroic. The trend in the industry was to show photos of consoles and buttons--cold, sterile equipment with copy that focused on specifications. No one was talking about what's most important to professional musicians and engineers: the organic, mysterious, and almost spiritual process of creating sound. 

Concept only. Photo: Amy Bown

Concept only. Photo: Amy Bown

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