Copy from Suncloud Sunglasses Brochure. Photo: Hemlock Lake,  Amy Bown

Copy from Suncloud Sunglasses Brochure. Photo: Hemlock Lake, Amy Bown

Bausch & Lomb Suncloud Sunglasses

Suncloud sales collateral

Suncloud sales collateral

This national product launch was for high-end polarized sunglasses that reduce glare and have extreme clarity in bright outdoor conditions. The preliminary launch targeted consumers west of the Rockies: extreme sports enthusiasts, skiers, and lovers of the outdoors.  I wrote the tagline, Ascend to a New Level of Clear, and used the clarity of being one with nature as a metaphor. 

Mann's Jewelers 

For one of New York State's premier jewelry stores, this consisted of a multi-piece direct mailing and a radio spot. The best part? A customer called the store to get the words to the radio. She wanted to give them to her husband as a love poem for their anniversary!

Why give someone a gift from Mann’s Jewelers?

Because the sun rose today. Because it set.

Because love is simple. Because it’s not.

Because the ocean is deep. Because the desert is dry.

Because he loves the snow in winter. Because she loves the night sky.

Because once he stole a kiss. Because he has yet to give it back.

Because the sun loves the moon. Because light loves the dark.

Because there’s every reason in the world. Because there’s no reason at all.

Because she’s always there to catch you. Because you’re always there to fall.

Because when you can’t be together, you’re never really apart. 

Because you want to give the greatest gift, but you’ve already given your heart.

Mann’s Jewelers. Because it matters.


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